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  • Governor Orders Evacuations in New Orleans (AP)
  • 640 Killed in Bridge Stampede in Iraq (AP)
  • Hospital Conditions in New Orleans Worsen (AP)
  • AP: FBI to Do Prisoner 'Threat Assessment' (AP)
  • New poll finds Bush Iraq ratings down (Reuters)

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    Today's Featured Article
    Home, Sweet Home? Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Tuesday, August 30 2005
    Contributed by: Chaos_Overlord

    Well, I'm back as of last night and boy if I don't just want to get back out on the road. This, of course, is not going to happen. School starts today. Actually, that's where I am right now waiting for the class to start.

    Microcomputer Programming sounds like fun and a nice looking woman just walked in so maybe I'm in for a treat. Nice looking women are rare enough in Wisconsin but extraordinarily rare in computer classes.

    Well, I have a bunch of stuff I want to rant about but that is not for today. Hint: Sheehan's mouth is in dire need of a filling.

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    eBay Password Phishing Scam Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Tuesday, August 30 2005
    Contributed by: AWG

    Kevin Murphy at The Interocitor posted an article this past Wednesday (I usually only check that site once a week; no offense, Kevin :o)) about a new phishing technique.

    read more (162 words)
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    Your Mind Is About to be Blown! Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Saturday, August 20 2005
    Contributed by: Chaos_Overlord

    I'm actually posting! No really. I promise. The famous Overlord of Chaos Central has returned to the roost!

    BUT WAIT! There's MORE!!!

    I'm actually beginning to redevelop my taste for ranting, raving, scouring the news and being a general pain in the ass to everyone that doesn't bow before my obvious might and power.

    Yes, that's right folks. The Overlord is BACK and hopefully better than ever.

    Now, there is only one problem. I still have no home adult cam internet access AND I'm currently just outside Zion National Park at an internet cafe. (LONG aside: We left Kenosha last Friday at 10:00 PM and drove straight through to Alamosa, CO then went through Mesa Verde, Four Corners, Arches National Park, Canyon Lands, Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon since then. This was quite a journey and I have loads of pictures for everybody to admire shortly.) This doesn't mean that I won't be posting a bunch when I get back but it does mean that another weeks hiatus is in order. Maybe the summer vacation was just what I needed to get the old juices flowing.

    Back to school, back to work, back to BLOGGING.

    See you all in a week. Hope there are still some of you to talk to.

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    NFL Pre-Season: Week 2 Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Friday, August 19 2005
    Contributed by: Rosemary

    We are now at week 2 for the preseason games. Can you believe it snuck up on me again? Geez. I will have the schedule and times for you, and I will fill them in as we go along. All the game scores can be found here, and choose preseason week 2.

    Let us start with today! Thursday, August 18, 2005. The New Orleans Saints are playing the New England Patriots. Tomorrow, we have three games. The Tennessee Titans v. Atlanta Falcons at 7:30pm. At 8pm, we have the Cincinatti Bengals v. Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings v. NY Jets.

    On Saturday, we have 10 games! I hope they put some on regular TV. I'm not wasting my money on cable. We have the Cleveland Browns v. Detroit Lions at 1pm. At 6pm, we have Green Bay Packers v. Buffalo Bills. I hate when these two play. I love them both. Being from NY, I go with the Bills. Sometimes, however, I have been disappointed in recent years when using sites like http://www.jerkoffforme.com/cam-sites-like-cam4 for cam sites best for you. I sure wish I could see them play more.

    At 7:30pm we have two games. Jacksonville Jaguars v. Tampa Bay Bucs, and Miami Dolphins v. Pittsburgh Steelers. Now it's time to move on to the 8pm four.

    We have Chicago Bears v. Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers v. NY Giants, Philadelphia Eagles v. Baltimore Ravens, and the Oakland Raiders v. Houston Texans.

    Now we have the Arizona Cardinals v. Kansis City Chiefs at 7:30pm, and the San Francisco 49ers v. Denver Broncos at 9pm.

    On Sunday we have one game, as well as on Monday we have only one game. Sunday we can see St. Louis Rams v. San Diego at 4pm, and on Sunday, we get to watch Dallas Cowboys v. Seattle Seahawks.

    Sounds like a pretty good line-up to me. I just wish I could watch them all. lol. If someone watches a game on ESPN, would you please contact me with some information about the game? I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.

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    When do Leftists get even funnier? Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Wednesday, August 10 2005
    Contributed by: AWG

    When they cross the line between their usual rhetoric and oblivious self-parody.

    As Dan commented at DOUBLE TOOTHPICKS:

    This is absolutely unbelievable. A cartoon (on the upper left, top o list) where a hegemonic superheroine beats up, shoots and boils alive free speech and life advocates, including a U.S. Senator.

    When I saw this...I swore it was joke put out by an arch-conservative site lampooning the heavy-handed arrogance and liberty-threatening stance of Planned Parenthood.

    It ain't. It's PP's baby. Al Qaeda has better production values, and a less radical message.
    Whether you're Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, I'm relatively certain you'd agree that animating death-fantasies of one's political opponents isn't a particularly effective means of persuading people to your point of view.

    Apparently Planned Parenthood caught some flak for their hate-cartoon, because they pulled the link from their site. Thank God for Google Cache, is all I've got to say. :oD

    Update (8/10/05): Yep, Google Cache has changed by now. Fortunately, Dawn Eden has the goods up on her site.

    Most Recent Post: 08/19 by Rosemary  [ Views: 17 ]  

    New Featured Article!! Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Saturday, August 06 2005
    Contributed by: Chaos_Stud

    Ok, basically, I was getting sick of the old featured article always being on top, so figured a change was needed.

    Unfortunately, I have nothing to talk about! Time to babble.

    Have you ever noticed that weddings are expensive? And not just for the people getting married? My friend is getting married this weekend and has named me the best man. Yeah, he was drunk when he made that choice. But the money! Bachelor party. What a great time. Getting the tux, hotel room, gift, driving all over the place. I just keep saying its for a good cause.

    I'm still trying to think of a speech and toast to give at the reception. So far its coming along nicely. Its difficult to think of something funny yet sentimental, especially when you've known the guy for about 20 years but most of the material isn't exactly family friendly.

    Anyway, wish me luck on Sunday. Oh, and I guess wish Drew and Kelly luck on their marriage, too.

    Most Recent Post: 08/09 by AWG  [ Views: 18 ]  

    Israeli "Extremist" Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Saturday, August 06 2005
    Contributed by: Chaos_Stud

    The opening blurb from a Fox News story:

    "SHFARAM, Israel — A 19-year-old Israeli soldier opened fire inside a bus Thursday, killing four Israeli Arabs in the deadliest attack on Arabs in Israel by a Jewish extremist since 1990. "

    Two things: 1) Killing 4 Arabs was the deadliest attack by a Jewish extremist in Israel since 2) 1990.

    Wow. What a bunch of slackers. Palestinian terrorists do that before lunch! And this was the best a radical Jew could do in 15 years!

    I really don't understand the patience these people have. The Arabs hate the Jews because they're...well...Jewish. The Jews hate the Arabs because they keep blowing them up! A kid snapping becase of the pull-outs was, unfortunately, expected. Who wouldn't be pissed if people are killing your brothers and sisters and then you just hand the land over to the murders. Of course, that in no way excuses his actions.

    By the way, the soldier was then beaten to death on the bus by the other Arab passengers.

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    Dems vs. Rove part 1,749,368.52 Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Thursday, July 14 2005
    Contributed by: Chaos_Stud

    Anyone know of any good links, articles or anything that could provide me with actual FACTS regarding Rove and Valerie Plame? I have limited internet cruising time and all I've come up with is the Left yelling for Rove's blood (surprised?) and the Right keeping silent.

    It seems like in 2003 (I never paid much attention to news back then) Valerie's name was leaked that she was in the CIA. I guess that's not the bad part, right? The bad part was she was a covert agent. When did this happen? How long ago? Read something about it being in 1996 and therefore Rove didn't break any sort of law because it was more than 5 years ago that she was a covert agent. So, is she still some sort of undercover agent and now her life is in grave danger? The Dems are making it sound like she was in the middle of a major international drug bust and Rove busts in and says "I know her, she's CIA!" and the next thing you know guns are pulled and firing all over the place.

    I'm under the impression that that isn't quite the case.

    So, seriusly, does anyone have unbiased sources of exactly who said what, what's the law, and did Rove truly mess up?

    Not that I think Rove will be fired regardless, I saw enough of Bush's quotes to know he said the leak will be taken care of, not neccessarily fired.

    Anyone, I just liked to pretrend at cocktails parties that I'm informed of current events, so anyone have some notes from class I can copy?

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    Red Coats v. Brown Pants Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Monday, July 11 2005
    Contributed by: Rosemary

    I was over at Blackfive's, and I can always count on him to make the darkest of days bright. If you would like to smile, take a hop on over to his site and read this. I don't know, maybe it is my sick sense of humor, but I'm still laughing! lol.

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    More Deployments, More Adoptions Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Monday, July 11 2005
    Contributed by: Rosemary

    Miasmatic Review is planning to adopt a unit. Not just any unit, mind you. This unit is going for it's 3rd tour! Eighteen months in Iraq. Then to Afghanistan. Now they are on their way back to Iraq. What troopers we have here!

    If you would like to donate money or something, or leave a comment of support, you may do so by going to Miasmatic's site. He/she (ya never know!) has everything set-up and ready to go. Please stop by. Hat tip to Blackfive

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    Pope Benedict XVI's Calls for Holiness Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Monday, July 11 2005
    Contributed by: Rosemary

    What a wonderful article, though they may not know this. lol. The Vatican is about to produce this document.

      The lament came in a new document on the Eucharist that details abuses of the sacrament and the need for better instruction to ensure it remains sacred. The 85-page text is the working draft of a final document that will be developed during the global synod, or meeting, of bishops Oct. 2-23 in Rome. [read more
    In essense, there is too much sin of sexual immorality and divorce continuing without any leadership. Leadership in a way that sin is pointed out to a person to give them an opportunity to save their soul. It does no one any favor to allow them to go to hell. Just so you don't offend them?

    NONSENSE! Chickens! If you truly love the Lord and those whom you serve, prove it. Just as I have had to lose "friends," because they were going down the wrong path, you must also. Be bold. Be strong. For the Lord your God is with you.

    For those who do not believe in God, I do not love you any less. That is your decision. I just pray that before you die, you change your mind. If that is intimidating, you are a frail person, indeed. (I am not Catholic. I am Christian.)

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    Release Ganji-Iranian Political Prisoner Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Monday, July 11 2005
    Contributed by: Rosemary

    This man has been in prison for many months, maybe even years, now. He is very ill after being on a hunger strike. No one is allowed to visit. All of this because he desires democracy. He is a political prisoner. We need to raise our voices to bring awareness to his cause.

      ReleaseGanji.net: Dear friends,

      We want to invite you to the new web site we have set up, Release Ganji! Campaign (releaseganji.net), to support Akbar Ganji and consolidate our efforts to release him.

      You can use this web site to coordinate your efforts to release Ganji with other activists. You can use the space to communicate news, links and more importantly any public activity. Email us these informations and we will post them regularly here.

      You can also download and use prepared brochures and distribute them among the people where you live and so raise the public awareness of Ganji's critical situation. (The brochures are designed to influence the Canadian government. We need to create one for the U.S. and other nations).

    It is simply imperative that we do whatever we can to help this man. It is only human. It is only right. Thank you.

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    Good Sites from Iran Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Monday, July 11 2005
    Contributed by: Rosemary

    The Daily Briefing on Iran is a very good site for research and just to find out what is happening that we are not being told about by the American or other press. I guess they have deemed it "unnewsworthy." Well, I have a different opinion.

    They uses references, newspapers, journalists, eyewitnesses. I guess that is why our papers don't trust this news. They have forgotten how to do jounalism! lol.

    I visit this site often. They have political prisoners, protests, violence and mass of other news that we do not hear about which I find negligence on behalf of "The Old Grey Lady." It certainly is a sad day when the news decides to take the side of terrorists and those countries leaders that support them, because of their hatred for the president.

    Do not let that stop you, however! Now you know. Visit it often. At the end of the day, there is always a roundup of all the articles, in case you missed something you wanted to check out.

    Another good site is Rooz Online, English. A friend of mine writes for this paper now and then. He says that it is basically a cultural paper. He does not want to cause any friction, and I cannot say that I blame him. He is a sweet man, though. Check it out if you want to know what is going on outside of Iran and inside the cultural areas.

    Blog-Iran is another good site. This person is very brave. He/she is an activist, and tells it the way he/she sees things. Very interesting, exciting, and sometimes scary.

    Well, that's about it from Iran for now. Please don't forget to sign the petitions for the bloggers in prison, and write a letter in protest of Mr. Ganji's poor health due to being a political prisoner. You will find these three sites right after Media Bias. The title on the sidebar for them is "Help Political Prisoners in the ME." Thank you.

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    Mexico Issues "Racist" Stamps Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Thursday, June 30 2005
    Contributed by: AWG

    Note: contents modified to fit how the article would have been written, had I had more than 90 minutes of sleep on Thursday night. Thanks for your indulgence, readers. - AWG

    Apparently, Vicente Fox figures he hasn't done enough to offend black people lately, because the Mexican government has issued postage stamps featuring Memin Pinguin, a big-lipped, wide-eyed (one might say simian) black kid. This Sambo-like character is a comic character that's been around since the 40's.

    I'm not one for politically-correct BS, but this is not exactly smart on the part of the Mexican government. I don't care if, as Carlos Caballero (assistant marketing director for the Mexican Postal Service) says, "This is a traditional character that reflects part of Mexico's culture. His mischievous nature is part of that character." I don't care if Memin is a well-rounded, sympathetically-written character, either. The Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world are going to look at his pickaninny appearance say that Memin is designed to be an object of scorn. To those people, no apology from Presidente Fox will be good enough. He might as well hold a press conference where he puts a conical straw hat, squints his eyes and bucks out his teeth while yelling "ME SO SOLLY!!!" for all the good it's going to do him. Yeesh.

    Most Recent Post: 08/05 by Anonymous  [ Views: 60 ]  

    Kenosha Nazi's Part 2 Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
    Thursday, June 30 2005
    Contributed by: Chaos_Stud

    First off, the Overlord has been without internet for a while now, hence no update.

    Now then, story time! About a month ago, I was hanging out at my favorite local bar on a Sunday night. Must have been Memorial Weekend, no work on Monday. Normally I don't drink (much) on a Sunday. While there, a group of punk neo-Nazis came in. A few minutes later the bar tender kicked them out. Apparantly these guys have a history of starting trouble. They must have been hanging around till closing time, unfortunately I left well before closing time. But, two of my friends were still around and were going next door to a resturaunt when they got jumped by the Nazis.

    Now, these two friends of mine, one is a girl. Sure, she is a bit of a scrapper, but at 5' 10" or so and a lanky body, she isn't exaclty built to fight. And her boyfriend! Yeah, smaller than she is.

    So the neo-Nazis come up to them, some words are said, and the guy gets completely blind-sided, punched in the temple, and he feels himself slowly floating down to the ground. They then throw some punches at the girl, rumor goes she was fighting them off the best she could. Good for her. Not to knock the guy here, the human skull is not meant to take an unprepared beating, and supposedly when he became aware of what was going on he was filled with rage and ready to chase them down. Heard later he wasn't so much upset about the beat down as he was with the fact that he couldn't help his girl. Great guy.

    So, eventually some other friends happen upon this beating and scare the Nazi's off. Everyone is ok, the police are called and reports are given. During the scuffle, one of the Nazi's dropped his cell phone. Well, go figure, this guy is an idiot so two of the nazi's come back to get his phone while the cops were still there. My friends said that's them and the police got them. They fingered the nazi's on the street and they got sent off to jail. Unfortunately, unprovoked beat-downs is not much of a crime. I would have said I was Jew so I could nail them with a hate crime. Don't think I could pull off being black.

    So, the Nazi's are back on the streets, heard there was a sighting a few weeks back no body found them that night. I'm sure they will show themselves again, though.

    Most Recent Post: 07/11 by Rosemary  [ Views: 59 ]  

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